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Getting Started

You are an instructor who wants to put your course online. You’ve talked it over with your Program Head, who likes the idea, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. And you have lots of questions: How long will it take? How much do I need to know before I start? Will I get any help, or do I have to do this mostly by myself? What can I assume that my students know about taking an online course? Will there be someone who can show me how I should teach the course, once it is online?

In the not-too-distant past, if you wanted to develop an online course you mostly had to figure all this out for yourself. The subject matter was the least of your worries; there were so many technical problems that required near-expert knowledge to solve! For example: How do I create the web pages? How do I get student assignments? Can I put a video online? How can I create an animation to show my students? Where do I store the course? What about grading? How do I communicate effectively with my online students?

The department dedicated to support for all aspects of teaching and learning at BCIT, including online course development, is the Learning and Teaching Centre. This department brings together professionals from all the various facets of online learning, from instructional design, writing and editing, graphic arts, multimedia and video production, to technical support for the online learner.

The project team will vary depending on the nature of your project. As you get more comfortable with teaching online you may want to explore using different technologies.  You can be sure that there is a very solid team that will work with you to make your online course exciting for your students and a pleasure for you to teach.

This guide will help you as you develop your first online course, or as you revise an already existing course.

First Steps

Collaborative Course Development Model

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